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Funny, intelligent, crafty chick; Momma; ex-wife and wife; Writer; Sister, daughter, virtual pal; Wage-slave. Dancer.


This is the list of "100 things" that seems so popular.
1) I am a misanthropist. I am possessed by idiotic optimism about everyone and I'm perpetually disappointed & shocked and then I hate everyone.
2) I love food!
3) I also really, really love any form of exercise!
4) I have lived in over 30 places so far in my life.
5) Nevertheless, the thing I crave the most is my own secure haven.
6) My parents have 5 divorces between them
7) Which makes me not a good candidate for a long-term relationship
8) Even though I claim that I've outgrown their bad decisions.
9) Oh my god 100 things seems like such an impossibly long list right now.
10) I have a very very short attention span. See item 7.
11) I like independent music.
12) I like ice cream, pizza, sushi, MEXICAN food!, my own meatloaf, and I frequently claim to be a vegetarian.
13) I think that everyone is just like me,
14) But they're not!
15) I think I am a xenophile.
16) I love to read (short stories, see item 10) & to write. I am fascinated by words & by language.
17) am I at 100 yet?
18) I am fascinated by islands.
19) I hate to sit still.
20) I'm probably bi-polar.
21) I can do a bunch of crafty stuff, too.
22) and I love to cook.
23) I think the best word to describe me is VOLUPTUARY. Isn't that an awesome word?
24) I really don't want to pay any attention to the bloggeratti hierarchy, but I do.
25) Most of my personality traits came to me from my father.
26) If I ever make the mistake of getting involved with someone again, he's got to be either significantly older or younger than me and away a lot and very smart and low-key.
27) I require supervision
28) Both of my kids have changed who I am and impacted me in ways I cannot even guess at.
29) I am both fearful and fearless
30) I'm a SCORPIO! And I also identify very strongly with those astrological traits.
31) I love to celebrate my own birthday.
32) I have kissed girls.
33) Yes, like that.
34) I have tattoos & peircings.
35) In fact, I pierced my OWN nose back when I was 18 (which is 20 years ago now) WAY BEFORE IT WAS A STYLE OR A FAD! Dammit!
36) I have been homeless.
37) I would like to not be homeless ever again.
38) Neverhteless, I am quite reckless with money.
39) I used to think I was a hippie.
40) I dropped out of high school.
41) Then I went back a year later. Who does that?
42) I have one brother and one sister who are nine and seven years older than me, respectively.
43) I also have two step-brothers.
44) The only sib I see with regularity is my brother, who, by the way, walks on water, as far as I am concerned.
45) Now is it 100? Jeez.
46) OH! My best friend in all the whole wide world is R.R., and I think she walks on water, too. I trust her and that's big. She is my soul-sister and I am lucky to have her.
47) I am loyal to a fault. Until you hurt me.
48) The two best compliments I ever got were: "You have bigger balls than most men I know," from my brother, and "You're very child-like," from my friend Doug.
49) I love Tequila.
50) I sometimes use my powers for evil.
51) I have all the subtlety of a brick wall.


is this a joke? I feel like I'm writing a singles' ad. No, really. I like my kids & dogs, going to the beach, biking, running, lifting, yoga, pilates, camping, kayaking, seeing a live show, socializing, withdrawing from overload, hiking, swimming, anything educational. I also deeply, deeply love my truck & my bicycle. I can also ski.